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Praise for Kurt Seyt & Shura

Since its original publication in Turkish in 1992, Nermin Bezmen's novel has received critical acclaim from the literary world in Turkey and beyond...  Bezmen's masterful ability for story-telling has once again given life to its heroes of lives past, and has captivated the hearts and minds of readers. 

Here is only a tiny fraction of the thousands of praise that the novel has received over the last three decades.

“The author weaves a tale of embroidered delight propelled by a rich pageant of colour and character. Whilst retaining a detailed and honest record of history she unravels a love story that astounds as well as captivates with equal measure. Her in-depth research has, combined with a mastered use of language, engineered a narrative worthy of considerable praise.” 

H. Pilkington, independent editor


 “A brave undertaking most cannot dare.  Written in the style of Tolstoy, Balsac, Zola, in the expression of the 19th century.  Narrates the era very well with the structure of a good novel.  This is what I call a classical novel.”

Attilla Ilhan, poet, author


“Extraordinary! It is so full of emotion that I read with tears in my eyes.”

Dr. Nihan Atay


“A dramatic documentary! .. A breathing novel. From the Czarist Russia to the imperial Istanbul of 1920s, (all the historical details) have been embroidered with the meticulous detail of an academician.”

Jack Deleon, researcher, author, columnist


“A book you can’t put down. A book different from others in its classical writing style as well as its ability to marry romance and historical detail.  The author’s meticulous research gives this novel a documentary value.”

STEPS, a publication of Bosphorous University


“… (with this book) Nermin Bezmen has landed the literary world like a comet from outer space!”

Hami Alkaner, journalist



“…(this novel) has the magnificence of the classical ages”

Ayhan Hunalp, journalist, literary critic


“ Nermin Bezmen narrates the universal sorrow of all humans suffering from a diaspora.”

Yasar Aksoy, journalist, author


“I was born in Russia and completed my education in St. Petersburg.  I felt like I was reading an original Russian book by a 20th century Russian author. From its streets to its people, only a Russian can describe Russia as you have. Congratulations!”

Elvira Kazas, Crimean historian


“This book is very valuable to our library because unfortunately, we have not a single book on our shelves about the years before 1944.”

Tatyana Sheksheyeva, Head Librarian of the Library of Alushta, The Crimea


 “This is the single most important source book in our library that writes of our people and our history with such meticulous detail. Thank you Ms. Nermin!”

Firuze Mehmedova, Assistant to Head Librarian of the Library of Alushta, The Crimea


“This novel and the photographs within are a gift to us.  Your past is our past, and we just started finding out about it.”

Yura Kochigarov, Director of Alushta Museum, The Crimea


“I found this book, which is based on true life experience, to be absorbing and compelling. Readers will find the story at once heart-rending and inspiring, and will envy the author that her family history yielded a story of so much romance and passion. The author has truly made her characters come to life, and the story is enhanced by the author’s account of searching for, and encountering them. The story takes place in a wealth of contrasting settings, which are described vividly and will thrill the reader…”

A. Austin, literary fiction critic

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