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Countdown to Kurt Seyt & Shura U.S. Book Launch

Kurt Seyt & Shura English novel

A letter to our fans...

Hello! This is Nermin Bezmen, the grand-daughter of Kurt Seyt (or Kurt Seyit) and the author of the original novel Kurt Seyt & Shura, and Pamira Bezmen, his great-granddaughter and publishing manager of the English book.

We have been blessed with an amazing community of friends and fans who have already given their hearts to our family story... As heartbreaking as the hardships of war, revolution, escape and survival were, Kurt Seyt and Shura's love and commitment to each other made the unimaginable possible. Even though they never got married (to each other), their love was too grand to be buried in a secret past, and we believed that it was a story worth telling and sharing.

Millions of readers of the original book and the 12 translations agreed with us, which led to the production of the T.V. series by Ay Yapim featuring Kivanc Tatlitug, Farah Zeynep Abdullah and a line-up of top notch talent.

The popularity of the T.V. show and all the requests coming in from thousands of fans rekindled our passion to publish the book in English. On the 25th anniversary of the original publication, we decided that the time is right to put our love and resources behind the launch of the English book.

We are working feverishly to get our beloved story into the hands of our English speaking fans in America and around the world. Our Facebook page Kurt Seyt & Shura English has put us in touch with many of you, who have watched the T.V. show "Kurt Seyit ve Sura" on Netflix and fallen in love with the story (or Kivanc or both :))

Well, we don't blame you on either front. Not to brag in any shape or form, but we ourselves have been deeply touched and changed forever by this story, and we agree with you that the Kurt Seyt & Shura story is addictive, to say the least.

The T.V. production has done a superb job bringing the novel to screen. However, as most of you already know by now, the T.V. script deviates from the original novel (and hence the truth of history) in many accounts. Some characters have been embellished to be more evil and some are complete fabrications. Some events were added, modified or omitted in an effort to fit the requirements of the T.V. flow.

We ourselves, being avid book readers, understand your desire to know the real story - the way it actually happened.

Your excitement to own the English book and your engagement with us is very valuable to us, and we thank you for it!

This is not a commercial project for us. It's our love, longing and passion. It's our connection to our ancestors. It's years of research, hard work, commitment and heart ache. It is also a portal to touch millions of hearts through the life story of our grandfather. This book has been a journey for our family, and now our family continues to grow with you joining us. The community is what makes the story live on...

It is in this spirit that we decided to self publish our novel. This gave us the freedom to stay true to the historic facts and not have to change things around to suit the demands of an editor or a publishing house, based on the trends of the day or the ethical judgments of decision-makers on what our heroes should or should not have done.

Leading up to our first ever launch in the United States in English, we are doing everything we can to understand exactly what our readers are looking for. Self publishing also gives us the freedom to make decisions that meet the wishes of our fan community. So please do continue to stay in touch and let us know your thoughts and desires. If we can make it happen, we will do it!

Our FaceBook poll to determine the most desirable format for the book just closed today. The results are 69% printed book and 31% e-book or Kindle.

In the light of these results, we have decided to make both of them available to you as soon as possible.

Our expected launch dates are:

Paperback book: December 2017 (some time before Christmas)

E-book / Kindle digital version: Within 10 business days of book launch

They will both be available on

We also have a Thanksgiving surprise for you:

We are setting up a pre-order option for the book on our own site! You will hear more on this in our next blog post.

Thank you for your love!

Love & Light,

Nermin & Pamira

Meet the blog authors, Nermin & Pamira. We are a mother and daughter duo :)

Nermin Bezmen, Author of Kurt Seyt & Shura, international best-selling novel and acclaimed T.V. series. Photograph by Pamira Bezmen.

Pamira Bezmen, daughter of Nermin Bezmen and publishing manager of Kurt Seyt & Shura the English novel. Award winning photographer and owner of Pamira Bezmen Photography Studio.

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