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Every Summer Needs an Unforgettable Read

And do we have one for you!

Our international best-seller Kurt Seyt & Shura English paperback ships internationally, and you can even get it autographed if you like.

What our beloved readers are saying:

"Loved this series but a lot of fabrications and the way they portrayed Shura is soo way off as to how she really was. The book which is the true story tells of how Shura was an amazing brave woman and nothing like the character in the series. Everyone should read the book it is an amazing story" (Agnes)

"The most wonderful epic series I have ever watched!! I am so emotional over it. Fabulous story, wonderful acting; I cannot say enough about how this story has touched my soul!! Great job well done! I am so happy Netflix has it on and am recommending it to all my friends. I hope more books are printed in English so I can follow up....." (JoAnn)

"Compelling, beautiful, and exciting. I love it! " (Isobel)

Join the wave of emotions. Join the family. Get yours here.

Happy reading! Happy summer!


Kurt Seyt & Shura Family

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